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Web Accessibility Compliance Auditing & Consulting

Web accessibility testing, auditing & remediation consulting for WCAG mobile app and website compliance.

Accessible website compliance is a necessity today to avoid legal actions under the ADA (private) or Sect 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (public). The de facto standard for digital accessibility is the Web Content Accessibility Guideline "WCAG 2.1 A, AA". Whether you`re reacting to a legal action, or looking to avoid one while also ensuring that everyone can access your website, our team of digital accessibility experts can help. Our Accessibility.Works team of seasoned WCAG / ADA compliance consultants can provide best-practice website and mobile app auditing, remediation, and policy guidance.

Avoid Legal Liabilities and Provide Maximum Accessibility to your Website

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In addition to building fresh ADA or Sect 508 WCAG 2.1 A, AA compliant websites, we also provide Strategic Consulting, Accessibility WCAG Auditing, Remediation, and Policy Consulting and Training.

Web Accessiblity Consulting

Guidance in establishing an accessibility program to either avoid litigation or respond accordingly.

  • Balancing accessibility, cost, risk
  • Priorities development
  • Process guidance
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WCAG Compliance Auditing

WCAG 2.1 A, AA website auding with remediation guidance.

  • Automated auditing using top industry software
  • Manual Code Testing
  • Assistive Technology Testing 
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Web Accessibility Training

On-site training for designers, developer, and content teams.

  • Taught by experts with more than 17 years experience
  • Introductory and advanced web accessibility training for design, development, and content teams
  • Custom curriculum to meet your unique needs
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WCAG Compliant Website Remediation

Utilize our expertise in both web design and digital accessibilty to ensure WCAG compliance.

  • UX and design remediation
  • Code remediation
  • Content and PDF remediation
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