Web Accessiblity Auditing Consultants

Today, between the American Disabilities Act (commerical websites) and Sect 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (public/gov websites), nearly all websites, web-based software and mobile apps must legally be accessible to people with disabilities. The path to accessibility is unique to every client, and we will take into account your accessibility goals, risk tolerance, budget, and the technical nature of your web/mobile properties and develop appropriate strategy for you.

Whether your goal is ADA or 508 compliance, both rely on the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG 2.1) as the standard for accessibility. This standard is not black and white and requires human assessment. Automated tools alone are not 

Mobile App, SaaS and Web Accessibility Compliance Consultants

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One of the things that truly sets us apart is having both a web development team and a team of accessibility experts. Our Accessibility.Works team of web accessibility consultants are all senior level with over 18 years in digital accessibility. Our team lead even served on the WCAG 3.0 team developing the next set of standards until recently. This provides us with access to world experts and the best tools. It also provides a special insight toward what's coming next. Additionally, everyone "speaks geek" fluently and are well qualified to provide guidance to developers. They get the ADA's intent and WCAG nuances, and they get the practical use-cases for people with disabilities. Finally they are also familiar with the legal landscape and which issues pose the highest risk of triggering lawsuits.

Our depth in custom web design and familiarity with popular website platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify, and Drupal make us uniquely qualified to provide

  • Executive Team Risk & Opportunity Guidance
  • Best Practice Manual WCAG ADA/508 Accessibilty Compliance Auditing
  • Web Accessibility Policy Planning
  • On-going scheduled WCAG monitoring
  • VPAT authoring


Executive Team Accessibility Education & Consulting 

We can work collaboratively with your executive team to first ensure your decision team understands the legal risks and technical options to meet your goals. Establishing a culture of accessibility is the key to ensuring that design, development, and content teams get the necessary support needed to reach conformity.

Best Practice Manual WCAG ADA/508 Accessibilty Auditing

The WCAG standards are nuanced and interpretive. Automated tools cannot detect 70% of WCAG issues. Therefore the best practice is to augment automated tools with manual human and assistive technology testing to thoroughly test a mobile app or website's 508 or ADA compliance by WCAG 2.1 A, AA standards. [more about web accessibility auditing services]

Web Accessibility Policy & Statement Strategy & Execution

We've helped many companies with establishing both internal policies and public statements. 

WCAG Website Training 

Depending on whether you have an existing web development team with the bandwidth or need such a team, we can help. Our audits serve as technical remediation guides. These alone, are often all a team needs to successfully remediate a website or mobile app. For larger teams with broader needs, we can also provide on-location and remote training.  Alternatively, we can provide website remediation to ensure your website conforms to WCAG 2.2 A, AA standards. [more about WCAG ADA website remediation providers]

On-going Web Accessibility Monitoring

Once remediation is complete, any subsequent change to the website or app will jeapordize its accessibility. Scheduled accessibility testing will ensure your properties remain compliant. 

VPAT Authoring

Assistance in authoring Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) and subsequent Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs) that articulate your product's conformance with WCAG accessibility standards.


Web accessibility is an on-going process that requires a partner who understands the all aspects of the WCAG and real-world use-cases for people with disabilites, combined with deep understanding of the legal landscape and technical coding practices. 


Please reach out and let's discuss how we can help you and your team reach accessibilty compliance.