Smart Simple Digital Signage for Your Resort


propDISPLAYS is a web-based digital signage system that works off our propCMS platform to enable admins to publish a variety of digital signage interfaces to unlimited monitors throughout your resort.. village... or anywhere you want.

Large screen TVs are cheaper and larger than ever, and they can all access websites. So we've simply built web pages to present various types of content formatted for the common 16:9 large screen TV format.

Through our mobile-friendly control panel, the administrator can create displays and assign them to TVs. TVs can display just one, or a rotating sequence. 

We currently offer 5 types of display modules, but we're not limited to these. We can custom build anything you want.


Promo & Image Module

propDISPLAY module

Post graphics of any nature


Video Module

Video module

Pull video from Youtube 


propMAPS Module

propMAPS module

See what's open or closed



propConditions Display

See the status of every lift and trail



Unless you require custom work, there is no setup fee. Just an annual fee with no long-term commitments required.

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