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Burlington VT Website Designers: Web Design the Vermont Way

Dave Gibson

Udderly Awesome Since 1997

Having run a website development company in Burlington, Vermont since 1997 I’m used to seeing a lot of weird stuff… including the occasional flannel-clad bovine coder. Keep Vermont Weird? Done. 

But what many outside the state (flatlanders) may not know is that Vermont, and Burlington in particular, has been a hotbed of excellent web designers and developers since the beginning. Yes, it can get a bit hipster around here with its share of artisanal grass-fed small batch free-range sustainably sourced gluten free web designers. It can get a bit much. But I’m proud to have been amongst the very first, back 27 years ago when most people didn’t even know what a website was and even before we had non-GMO local-sourced organic craft beer.

With small screens and uber slow dial-up, web designers had to blend creativity with practical programming to build custom websites that were both attractive and usable. With a background in woodworking, I applied a craftsmanship approach to our digital work, bringing the same attention to detail, resourcefulness, and quality that I learned building custom cabinetry. And after 27 years, that commitment to digital craftsmanship hasn’t changed. 

Custom Web Development: It's All in the Details

Now, when we talk about custom development in Burlington VT, we're talking about websites built tailored to each client’s needs from the ground up and with only the best organic bespoke free-range sustainable code possible. 

At Propeller, we approach each project like a master craftsman approaches a piece of fine furniture. We're not interested in churning out cookie-cutter websites. We're here to build digital experiences that are as unique as the Green Mountain State itself.

E-commerce Solutions: Bringing Vermont to the World

Creating an online store isn't just about setting up a digital cash register. It's about creating a storefront that captures the essence of Vermont entrepreneurship.

Whether you're selling artisanal cheese or high-tech gadgets, we know how to create an online shopping experience that's smooth, secure, and distinctly Vermont. We can turn your e-commerce dreams into reality, no matter how niche your market might be. See what we did recently for our friends at Ann Clark - the kings and queens of cookie cutters based in Vermont.

Accessible Design: The Vermont Way

In Vermont, we believe in making things accessible to everyone – whether it's our beautiful outdoors or our digital spaces. We're the undisputed kings of web accessibility and ADA compliance in Vermont. Our sister team - Accessibility.Works is comprised of industry experts in WCAG compliance. They provide auditing and consulting to company across the globe, and the combo of our accessibility team with our web team is a secret sauce like no other.

Creating ADA compliant websites isn't just about ticking boxes. It's about building a web that everyone can use and enjoy. And here's a little secret: making your site more accessible often makes it better for everyone. It's a win-win, that not only 

WordPress Expertise: Flexibility Meets Functionality

When it comes to WordPress web design, we're all about blending flexibility with rock-solid functionality. It's like the Swiss Army knife of the web world, and we know how to use every tool in that digital toolbox.

From custom themes that capture your brand's unique flavor to powerful plugins that boost your site's capabilities, we craft solutions that are as hardy and adaptable as a true Vermonter.

Search Optimization: SEO The Delivers Traffic

Having a great website is one thing, but making sure people can find it? That's where our Vermont-flavored approach to search comes in. We've been in this game since the days when Ask Jeeves was still a thing. (Remember him? No? Just us? Okay then.)

Our strategy is like a well-maintained hiking trail. We guide search engines – and your customers – right to your digital doorstep. No sketchy shortcuts or black-hat tricks here. Just solid, ethical practices that stand the test of time.

The Propeller Difference: Vermont Integrity + Quality Web Design

So, what makes Propeller different from all those other companies out there? Well, for starters, we follow the Golden Rule and treat our clients as we'd want to be treated. That means delivering honesty, best effort, responsive communication, friendly help, and proactive guidance.

But more than that, it's our approach. We bring that famous Vermont ingenuity to every project we tackle. We're problem solvers, innovators, and digital craftspeople all rolled into one. We might be a small state, but we're doing big things in the world of web design.

When you work with us, you're not just getting a website. You're getting a piece of Vermont – our creativity, our work ethic, our commitment to quality, and yes, maybe a little bit of the weird too.

So, ready to see what happens when Vermont craftsmanship meets digital innovation? Give us a shout. We promise we won't make you milk any virtual cows to get in touch.

Welcome to Propeller web design. Where the code has been clean and the websites udderly awesome since 1997.