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Website Accessibility Webinar Recap & Recording

David Gibson

It was with pride that we joined Beetroot’s Ukrainian team to share our knowledge about digital accessibility and WCAG compliance. Beetroot is a technology outsource company focused on sustainable software development with R&D teams in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, and Sweden.

Our David Gibson (President) and Jay Mullen (a11y team lead) were joined by Maksym Kalashnikov (Beetroot WordPress Developer).

Our audience polling indicated that attendees were largely developers at the beginner to intermediate level, so we structured the webinar to first provide context and background, which would be relevant to anyone interested in web accessibility and ADA compliance. In the second half, we dive into the technical side.

David focused on establishing context that would be relevant to anyone interested in learning the basics about web accessibility. [enter at 5:33

  • What is accessibility 
  • Introduction to assistive technology
  • Why accessibility matters
  • Developing inclusive personas
  • The legal side in the US and the WCAG as the international standard
  • Avoiding overlay widgets
  • And website accessibility as a competitive advantage


Jay and Maksym dove in deeper technically for front-end developers. [enter at 22 mins]

  • Assistive technology, focusing on the screen reader
  • Common WCAG issues
  • WCAG testing and auditing tools
  • Incorporating accessibility through development

Followed by Q&A. 



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