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Propeller Relaunches Accessibility.Works Website & Web Accessibility Services

David Gibson

Accessibility.Works is Propeller's service brand focused entirely on providing website and mobile app accessibility and Sect 508 + ADA compliance consulting, auditing, remediation, and training. The service responds to the needs of people with disabilities, and website owners who wish to ensure their website is accessible to people with disabilities, and avoid the surge of lawsuits that has become so prevelant.

2018 saw close to 3x growth in website-related ADA federal lawsuits. The number of state cases or deman letters is unkown. Website owners in every state, industry, and size are being affected, as recently reported by both the NY Times and Wall Street Journal

The rebranding and fresh website are aimed at website owners looking for a trusted partner capable of either building a universally accessible website, or to help them make their existing website accessible.

Accessibility.Works provides 4 key services to comply with the ADA or Section 508 of the Disabilities Act and the Web Content Accessibilty Guideline (WCAG) which serves as the de facto standard.

1. Website & Mobile App Accessibility Consulting

  • Education
  • Threat Assessment
  • Web Accessibility Policy & Statement

2. Website & Mobile App Auditing

  • Automated Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Assistive Technology Testing

3. Website Remediation

  • Design Issues
  • Programming Issues
  • Content & PDF Issues

4. Website & Mobile App Accessibility Training

  • Classroom or remote
  • Separate classes for execs, developers, designers, and content creators


Visit Accessibility.Works and contact us.