Jeff Boliba sitting outside Craig's R&D center with an old snow cat behind him

Moving The Needle: Jeff Boliba @ Burton

Dave Gibson

Jeff Boliba, Burton's VP Global Resorts, is tackling growth through education. The key is to get them young, and Jeff's Riglet Program includes specialized equipment and a fully developed physical education curriculum for gym teachers to bring sliding sideways into the gym, and then into the playground, and eventually to the resort. This is a model for sustainable growth that deserves more attention.

In this three part set, we learn about Jeff, the Riglet Program, and then get a special behind the scenes with Doyle in the rapid prototyping room where we get to see how he first developed the equipment - and then get to checkout their new step-in binding, which is not just great for new riders, hardcore riders, but also the adaptive community as well. Very cool stuff. 

Thanks Jeff Boliba and Chris Doyle!


Part 1 of 3 : How Jeff Boliba ended up as VP Global Resorts at Burton.  


Part 2 of 3 : Jeff introduces the Riglet Program 


Part 3 of 3 Behind the scenes with R&D's Chris Doyle