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Moving The Needle: Kelly Pawlak: National Ski Area Association President

David Gibson

Dave sits with Kelly Pawlak, President of the National Ski Area Association to discuss her role, the health of the industry, and the issue of Perception and its relation to Growth. 

The Perception issue has become Dave's focus. He believes this is the industry's primary barrier to growth. Can individual resort marketers take this challenge on themselves, when they only have limited resources dedicated to selling revenue generating products?  Or do they need a national body focused on dispelling current mis-perceptions and shaping positive images of the sport and culture?

Session Plug for 2019 Midwest, New England Ski Summit, and ISKINY-PSAA Expo Conferences

Dave will be Tackling the Perception Issue at upcoming regional trade conferences at New England and SANY/PSAA. In his session, he tackles the questions head-on with a highly visual presentation of images that shape these perceptions for good or bad.


Part One : Kelly Pawlak Intro | State of the Ski Industry | Intro to the Perception Barrier

A quick background of Kelly's experience at Mt Snow and what she's learned after a year and a half as President of NSAA. Kelly shares her optimistic view of the health of the industry but warns of the looming Boomer Divot. Dave dives into The Perception issue and begins challenging long held assertions.


Part Two : Current Perceptions | Who Controls The Perception? | Should We Work to Shape The Perception? | Who Should Do This?

Facing the Boomer Divot and the need for growth, and a target audience that is more risk averse than previous generations, Dave asserts that for any hope of growth past 2.7% we need to consider a national campaign of marketing and PR to challenge current misperceptions and praoctively shape positive images of the sport and culture in popular culture.