propMAPS interactive map with video overlay

New: Visual media added to propMAPS interactive maps

David Gibson

Back in the early 2000s we were the first to develop interactive maps and since then we have adapted to deliver more of what resorts need to better attract and serve guests - on their desktops and mobiles. This season, we’ve focused on providing guests a more visual experience of the resort. Now, guests can see photos, videos, 360°s, and webcams within the context of the map. 

For the trip planner who is unfamiliar with your resort, we now offer a comprehensive tour of not just your trails, but also the entire campus. It allows them to assess the resort and not just see where points of interest are, but also what the scene looks like. 

Consider the wedding or corporate event planner who needs to not only assess capacities and proximity of spaces to lodging and other facilities, but to also gain a sense of what these spaces actually look like. 

The intuitive nature of the map for basic orientation is enhanced by both real-time data as well as visuals of spaces.


For the first-timer, our interactive resort map enables the guest to plan out the day’s logistics of where to park, get rentals, tickets, and ski school and then plan where everyone will meet for lunch. Then when it's time to ski and ride, they can intuitively see which trails will be best based on ability, grooming, and snowmaking.

Regulars and season pass holders can visit just one page to see weather, conditions, webcams and grooming report - all in one intuitive view.

Adding the visual media within the context of the map is a significant upgrade that existing customers get as part of their yearly subscription.