bear creek website

Fresh Website Launch for Bear Creek Resort

Dave Gibson

Team Propeller is proud to announce the launch of its first website for Bear Creek Resort & Conference Center in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. The website features engaging video and visuals designed to Entice, Engage, and Convert more visitors into guests.

bear creek website

The website captures first-timers' attention with an engaging hero video on the homepage, which introduces the resort in a most engaging way. The homepage then draws the visitor deeper into its rich amenities as the user scrolls down.

We restructured the Information Architecture of the site to improve usability and navigation. This involved cutting out tons of dead wood, which lightened the site to make it easier for both users and Bear Creek's team to administer. They did a fantastic job on then filling the site with relevant and visual content!

The website integrates booking and e-commerce services and includes our suite of resort-specific features to include propMAPS interactive trail map, conditions reporting, Instagram galleries, Youtube module, homepage hero video player, promotions, and many others.

The website is optimized for mobile users, search engines (SEO), and web accessibility.

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