Dave and Dave driving

Moving The Needle: Dave Belin @ RRC Associates

Dave Gibson

Dave Belin is the Director of Consulting Services at RRC Associates. RRC provides audience and resort data analysis and consulting to the winter resort industry. Dave has been with RRC for over 20 years now (congrats!), and I thought Dave would make for a perfect guest to interview. So while on the road between Boyne Highlands and the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, we discussed barriers and opportunities for growth in the industry we both care so much about.


Part 1 of 3 : Millennials

How Dave got started, and then we look at millenials. Will the fill the Boomer gap? How should we reach them?



Part 2 of 3 : Consolidation

This is the year of consolidation of both ownership and pass partnerships between Vail and Alterra. Is this a bad thing? Not for core skiers, but what about for growth. What about for small independent feeder resorts, as Vail steps into that market?



Part 3 of 3 : National Campaign to Shift Perceptions

Here Gibson steps onto the soap box and outlines why he believes it will take a national campaign with guerilla digital marketing, and proactive PR that places positive stories into pop culture to combat all the negative perceptions that are holding us back.