When you go to Pinterest, what you see is a simple and elegant website featuring images of beauty, humor, interest. Its a haven for the visual acute, and its where people Pin things they crave. So, if you're selling something visually enticing - consumer goods, design,  leisure & travel, etc Pinterest should be a no-brainer. Why?  Because they BUY MORE. The average purchase value from Pinterest is $179. Facebook is less than half at $80 (source). There's your bottom line.

People continue to grow more and more visually sophisticated. They know quality when they see it, and that reflects on your brand.  So if you have a visual product, its worth first making sure what you sell is very well photographed, and make sure you integrate Pinterest directly into your site.  Add that Pin icon next to your Like button... or perhaps in front of it. Also make sure your website is designed to showcase photography, and  is filled with compelling images.

So here's my plug for all my photographer friends.... don't pinch on this year's photography budget. Double it (but not at the expense of your website and online marketing .. wink wink).  Those photos are gold.

Some other interesting insights into Pinterest:

Infographic Source: Fast Company - Infographic: The Astounding Power of Pinterest