Web 2.0 social media and social networks have rapidly opened new marketing channels for businesses to connect with customers cost effectively. YouTube, Facebook, blogs and Twitter have evolved into effective tools for savvy marketers, but there is no set formula. Many businesses are using these tools with different goals in mind, and are getting mixed results. This series addresses both strategic and tactical approaches and provides a valuable forum for discussion. Each session starts with an educational presentation to explain the basic concepts, tools and approaches, followed by in depth panel discussions with experts in the field. Event info and registration on Propeller's Facebook page. While you’re there, become a fan to stay informed.

Social Marketing Jam Session Friday Feb 20, 2009: 12:30 – 5 @ Propeller Media Works

The first session provides the broader context to explain what social marketing is and why it’s relevant. We’ll layout basics and identify the low hanging fruit and best practices to get started. A Social 101 session will be followed by a panel discussion with Dave Gibson of Propeller Media Works, Dr. Elaine Young of Champlain College, Chris Middings of Seventh Generation, and Bob Kilpatrick of Seven Days.

Social WOM & Brand Evangelism Jam Session March – Date and Location TBD

Oh how we Americans love our brands! We have Pepsi people, Chevy people, Burton people, and the true die-hards will work to convince you to join them. They are brand evangelists and they are your friends. Now with digital social networks, the brand evangelist has the tools to reach networks of hundreds of people with a click of “become a fan” on Facebook. They want to educate and influence their friends, family and colleagues. So how do you get them to do all that hard work for you, and how do you measure performance?

We’ll discuss how to develop brand evangelists and how to give them the tools to spread the good word for you.

Social PR & Reputation Management Jam Session April – Date and Location TBD

Ok, “the conversation is already out there” is already cliché now, so lets talk about both the risks and the opportunities related to PR and the reputation of your company. We’ll cover the monitoring tools across social channels, and discuss both the preventative tactics you can use to avoid flame throwing wombats, as well as the tactics of putting out the fire they create. We’ll also talk about the roles of employees and customers, and how PR managers can use them most effectively.

Event info and registration on Propeller's Facebook page. While you’re there, become a fan to stay informed.