Having just returned from visiting Shawnee Peak to celebrate their 75th birthday, I'm reminded just how different every resort really is. Sure they all have grooming, lessons, rentals, retail, food and beverage, and such - but the nuances that give each resort their own character is what we always need to discover and focus on.

The unique nature of each resort is what I love to discover and then showcase through the custom websites we design. I also love the transformative effect that we gain from coming in with a fresh perspective. For Shawnee, as you can see from the before and after screenshots here, that transition was most dramatic. The site now is in-line with the brand vision of Shawnee Peak's marketing director, Rechael Wilkinson. She has done an amazing job of establishing an attractive, honest, and unique visual identity for the resort, and has applied it consistently to every touch point in a very short time.

The success of this project started with connecting on person to person level and learning these important nuances of the resort. Rachel and Josh - with Chet looking over our shoulders, provided us with a very honest view of what the resort was really about. Who their customers are today, and who they want to attract tomorrow. We listened very closely, added our own thoughts, and together designed this website to accurately reflect what is great about this brand, and connect with their customers of today and tomorrow.

As Rachael generously offered: "I have really loved working with Propeller. From the first on-site visit where we did a tour of the Mountain on ATV’s, through to the site launch - Propeller's reativity, responsiveness and ease to work with has made this process smooth."

The before and after in this case is significant. Now we're telling the true and honest story. We're also making it easier for visitors to find this gem through improved SEO. By making it easier to buy online, we're contributing real ROI.

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