In development now is a new system we're calling propGator. Its a feed aggregator. Currently brands have great engaging media out on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and their blogs. Its a hassle for users to go from site to site to consume all of this great media however. The other problem is that brands don't want to push visitors out of the conversion funnel.

The solution is to bring the media back to homebase. The propGator is designed to bring them back and keep your site as the focal point. To do this we pull media feeds into a centralized dashboard accessible throughout the website. For resort partners on our propCMS content management system, we'll also be able to pull weather and trail conditions as well.

This will provide visitors with real-time media and information through an easy to browse interface, while keeping visitors at the site and in the funnel.

This should provide an elegant solution for the marketer who really struggles with the idea of pushing visitors off-site to social sites for engagement. While engagement through social media grows in value and focus, the website still remains as the hub where the conversion takes place. This tool will leverage all that hard working media and pull it back to add the most value to the website experience.

Rollout will be this early winter with a few partners.