For those clients and friends who I’m continuously pinging about this whole “social marketing thing”, and who still are not engaged: here is a great intro article by Chris Brogan. I’m not even going to try to encapsulate or regurgitate. Instead, go check it out and after you’ve digested that and your turkey and stuffing, go grab your machine and start to experiment. By GOD, if you don’t have profiles on Face, LinkedIn, Twitter… spend the hour or two and go do that. Start searching on the topics associated to your business and grab a notepad, because you will discover many other people offering ideas and perspectives that will spur new ideas for yourself.

My second point relates to how I found this article. I knew Chris Brogan’s name, but didn’t seek out his blog to see what words of wisdom he had for me. In this case my journey started with my wife (who’s also a social marketing geek) who told me to check out Elaine Young’s blog. There I found an interesting entry about a social application used to support a local community cause. I also happened upon a list of discoveries she has made via Twitter. elaine_twitAmongst that list was an entry from a fellow colleague who shared this article that I’m now sharing with you.

Information as its pushed and pulled and its viral nature.