Max 1 A belated welcome to Max Lawton who actually joined us a year ago as a contractor, and was then pulled in full time this spring as a Senior Developer. His primary role is to provide back-end engineering and web development.

Since joining, he has already added his horsepower and leadership in redeveloping our custom CMS and its underlying development platform. Our propCMS version 4.0 will be released this quarter thanks in large part to his efforts.

Max brings a wonderful quirky sense of humor (a nice way of saying 'wacko'), an appreciation for cider doughnuts, and exotic meat products.

He also brings a tireless work ethic (we're not sure he sleeps), and a well rounded appreciation for design, the art of front-side development, and the needs of our clients. He's a problem solver who asks the right questions.

He rocks.

Just wear your seatbelt.


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