We've been Bromley Mountain's interactive partner for over eight years, and this past year Bromley's marketing director, Michael van Eyck, wanted a website redesign but was fearful of the cost. Our solution was a website reskin instead of a ground-up redesign, where we retain the overall layout of the site, but address color, typography, graphics, and background photography. Because today's websites rely on templates with shared elements, its now possible to give a site a whole new look and feel by adjusting templates. Many websites use just a few templates such as the homepage, landing page, content page, and product detail page for example, and they all share CSS files which determine many aspects of the site's look and feel.

Now in this case, we did rebuild the homepage template because the overall layout needed to accommodate new needs. However the layout of most of the site was fine, so we were able to deliver what any visitor would assume was a complete custom redesign to the site with a fraction of the cost of a website rebuild.

A side note worth pointing out, is the growing emphasis on online sales. This is growing across all of our ski resort clients. For Bromley, this reskin enabled us to put greater emphasis on their number one revenue generator. Buy Online and Save!

For ski resorts on a budget a redesign of your homepage coupled with a reskin of the rest of your site is a cost-effective solution to deliver a fresh look to your customers.

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