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Web Accessibility Compliance Auditing & Consulting

Web accessibility testing, auditing & remediation consulting for WCAG & ADA website compliance

The ADA establishes that all "places of public accommodation" must be accessible to all, and we've passed the tipping point that estabishes websites as such places. Thus website accessibility for those with disabilities is a civil right that the Department of Justice, advocates, and plaintiff law firms are now aggressively defending. ADA website compliance is now a requirement to avoid legal actions. The de facto guide for providing web accessibility for the blind and other disabled visitors is to follow the W3C`s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines "WCAG 2.0 AA". Whether you`re reacting to a legal action, or see the value in getting ahead of this by reaching WCAG compliance, we can provide WCAG / ADA compliance testing, auditing, and remediation and policy consulting.

Avoid Legal Liabilities and Provide Maximum Accessibility to your Website

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In addition to building fresh ADA or Sect 508 WCAG 2.0 AA compliant websites, we also provide Strategic Consulting, Accessibility Testing, WCAG Auditing, and Remediation Consulting and Training.

Web Accessiblity Consulting

Guidance in establishing an accessibility program to either avoid litigation or respond accordingly.

  • Balancing accessibility, cost, risk
  • Priorities development
  • Process guidance
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ADA Compliance Auditing

WCAG/ADA website audits that offer the most thorough and useful reporting.

  • Automated Website Testing using top industry software
  • Manual Code Testing
  • Assistive Technology Testing 
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Useful Audit Reports

Reports written for developers and CMS admins showing how to fix errors and avoid them in the future.

  • Rather than show just what's wrong, we guide you how to fix it
  • Formatted for remediation work-flow

WCAG & ADA Remediation Consulting & Training

We empower your team to ensure your website is remediated correctly and remains accessible thereafter.

  • Establish consensus and goals across teams
  • Policy and statement design
  • Introductory and advanced web accessibility on-site classes for design, development, and content teams
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