Website, Analytics, & Advertising Auditing

Now more than ever, your digital properties need to be performing their best. We can apply an experienced objective eye to reveal what is working and where your website, Google Analytic tracking, and paid Search and Social Advertising campaigns could deliver more for less. 

We have been in the business doing this since 1997. Our auditors each have a minimum of 10 years experience in their relative fields. 


Website Performance Audit

Take a holistic view of your website and provide an audit report with an executive brief that will provide actionable steps for your team to take.

  • Accessibility/ADA compliance

  • Speed

  • Bad links (404 errors)

  • Coding errors

  • W3C standards compliance

  • Browser compatibility

  • SEO

  • Usability


Google Analytics, Search Console (webmaster tools) & Tag Manager Audit

These three toolsets all need to be setup and configured to properly track website performance and ensure ads are properly triggered. 

  • Google Analytics - check installation version, configurations, goals, and reporting

  • Google Search Console - check that it is setup and integrated with Google Analytics

  • Google Tag Manager - inspect configurations, current tags, and firing triggers.


Paid Search & Social Media Advertising Audit

Review structure, strategy and execution of your Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Instagram campaigns. Deliver actionable guidance and approach options.