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Foursquare | Marketing Tool for Hotels, Resorts & Spas

Apr 10 2010 | Dave Gibson : President | Overhead Our conservative News Channel 3 here in Burlington, Vermont ran a story on Foursquare recently which caught my eye. A solid indicator that this is reaching critical mass and going mainstream. Why does this matter? Well if you run marketing or own a travel hospitalityRead the Full Post

Integrated Online Marketing- Approaching the Twitter audience

June 26 | Dave Gibson Posted last week – I talk about fishing for those “influencers”. To extend that conversation, in a presentation given last night to the South End Arts & Business Association (SEABA), I emphasized Twitter’s current audience as filled with those influencers we want to reach… like shooting fish in aRead the Full Post

Propeller Announces Social Marketing Jam Series – Feb, Mar, Apr

Web 2.0 social media and social networks have rapidly opened new marketing channels for businesses to connect with customers cost effectively. YouTube, Facebook, blogs and Twitter have evolved into effective tools for savvy marketers, but there is no set formula. Many businesses are using these tools with different goals in mind, and are getting mixedRead the Full Post

Social Marketing Guide: Employees = Army of Micro Marketers

Feb 1 | Dave Gibson Like everyone else, leads have slowed for us too, so marketing is naturally expected to make up for that. Being the one-man marketing team and already tapped, I needed some help. I looked out across the studio and suddenly before my eyes I saw my crew transform from designers, programmers,Read the Full Post

New to Social Marketing?

For those clients and friends who I’m continuously pinging about this whole “social marketing thing”, and who still are not engaged: here is a great intro article by Chris Brogan. I’m not even going to try to encapsulate or regurgitate. Instead, go check it out and after you’ve digested that and your turkey and stuffing,Read the Full Post