26 new service programs that add value and save money

May 19 | Dave Gibson

With the rapid emergence of social media and online marketing, many companies find themselves wondering how they can utilize these tools to increase their bottom line. Propeller Media Works has developed 26 new service programs to help businesses steer through the digital hype and target the revenue opportunities.

New Service Micro Site

New Service Micro Site

Social marketing is one of eight service families introduced. Other service families include Online Business Consulting, Custom Blog Development, Online Marketing, and Online Reputation Monitoring, to name a few. Propeller has launched a new microsite to showcase these timely services at www.propellermediaworks.com/services.

Businesses continue to shift their budgets from traditional to interactive, and Propeller is positioned to provide both the strategy and execution. We’re seeing a huge interest in social and it’s hot for good reasons. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like are engaging audiences on new levels and provide excellent marketing opportunities that we can deliver at very little cost. Marketing in this social channel, as well as on search engines provide excellent ROI at little risk – its where all businesses should be focused.

Existing customers are really going to like the VIP Service family. The VIP | Full Spectrum provides our highest level of customer support and delivers ongoing strategy and execution to continuously hone and expand their programs. The VIP | Strategy program delivers knowledge and insight to guide clients. Clients come to us for the answers, and this programs delivers the client’s own online business consultant to oversee the success of their programs. When it comes to the day to day work, we’ve introduced the VIP | Maintenance program provide project management resources, analytics reporting, and a bucket of hours to get the small stuff down fast.

With over 12 years building creative custom websites and strategic online marketing programs, the Propeller crew are veterans the space. We’ve been delivering these services forever. We’re just packaging them in ways that make it easier for customers to understand now.

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