Responsive Website with Parallax Scrolling Effects

As we entered our 10th season with Bromley in 2014, we designed a new mobile-friendly responsive website that focused on usability and the visual experience.  We cut out all the clutter and focused on clean minimal design and white space to allow every photo and every message to pop.

The site now combines winter plus summer websites into one site. One might think that would force us to expand the navigation. Instead we cut it back considerably. As you can see, its very minimal. 

The galleries and images reflect our belief that "seeing is believing", and with our Instagram Gallery nothing says it better than customers. The experience at the resort is so visual, and historically too much text has been used to try to communicate that. This time we've worked to switch that ratio.

Additionally the site features:

  • Conditions Module with custom display of the web presentation. The system also feeds external aggregators such as SnoCountry via mtn.XML, XML, or JSON feeds.
  • Instagram Gallery which pulls in Instagram content for an account or hashtag and allows the administrator to curate.
  • Youtube Video Gallery which auto pulls from their Youtube channel.
  • Geo-Smart Promotions capture where the visitor is, to target hero and secondary promotions appropriately.
  • Integration with Inntopia, Google Maps, Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and SnoCountry.

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