Crystal Springs Resort

Custom Responsive Website with Parallax Scrolling Effects, Interactive Golf Maps, and Tons of Goodies.

Crystal Springs is a massive 4,000 acre resort in New Jersey with 7 golf course, 2 spas, 12 dining venues, 3 hotels, a water park (ActionPark), a mountain bike park, zip lines, a mountain coaster, and Mountain Creek Ski Resort with 4 peaks and 44 trails. That is massive. Its the ultimate vacation destination, and less than 50 miles from NYC. Now... how do you present all of that in one website?  How do you do it without everything competing with the other?

We took inspiration from their CEO, Julie Mulvihill, who reminded us that the visitor is shopping for a vacation. Vacations are fun but also relaxing. So we can't overwhelm them with everything at once, and we don't need to hit them over the heads with aggressive offers. We just need to open the door and show them how great this place is. That's the hook.

We took that to heart and designed the homepage in particular to serve as the beginning of a fun, but relaxing vacation.

So we went for clean design, huge visuals, few words, and a color pallet that was sophisticated but not pretentious. We told showed the story through images that placed the visitor in that fun relaxing vacation. We also added interactive flourishes such as the cool parallax scrolling effects on the homepage's lower panels. These panels scroll horizontally to allow us to allow the visitor to explore the highlights of all they offer without completely overwhelming the visitor all at once. Once the visitor reaches the bottom of the homepage, they should have a real feel for what a vacation at Crystal Springs would be like, and that's the hook.

Hook is set, time to real them in. We introduced pervasive "conversion points" at the top of every page enable the resort to establish a connection either directly or through social media. Most importantly, its also here that customers can book their vacation. But notice, its available but not in your face - just as your best waiter would be.

The site is built on our propCMS content management system. This system is specially designed to enable custom web design, custom web application development, and third party integration to deliver a truly custom experience.

A summary of features include:

  • Mobile friendly responsive design for all devices.
  • Parallax scrolling effects (homepage).
  • Geo-Smart promotions - feed relevant promotions based on where the visitor is physically located.
  • Social Feed Deck - which pulls in feeds from all social media into one dashboard.
  • Image Gallery - this module enables them to create and place these modern style image galleries on any content page.
  • #Instagram Gallery - this pulls Instagram content with a specific #hashtag into the CMS for curation before publication.
  • Events Calendar - provides multiple categories and displays via calendar or list views.
  • Third party integrations with Ryan Solutions/Blue Hornet, iHotelier, Active Networks Golf Reservations, weather channel, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Search, Open Table, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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