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Profile of a Resort Leveraging Guest Reviews

Resort marketers are using reviews from guests to influence potential customers more than ever now. USA Today’s review of The Four Season’s new website focused on their focus on social media and user reviews. Why? Here, Four Season’s VP Marketing Susan Helstab shares “In a Four Seasons survey, 33% of guests rate TripAdvisor “very toRead the Full Post

Putting a Value on a Facebook Fan

While its impossible to accurately put a number on a Fan, a few have tried. Much of the value is intangible… what’s the value of a customer sharing photos of their vacation with all their friends? If that helps drive a sale, is it possible to trace the source? Of course not, but Dave shares someRead the Full Post

Integrated Online Marketing- Approaching the Twitter audience

June 26 | Dave Gibson Posted last week – I talk about fishing for those “influencers”. To extend that conversation, in a presentation given last night to the South End Arts & Business Association (SEABA), I emphasized Twitter’s current audience as filled with those influencers we want to reach… like shooting fish in aRead the Full Post

Legibility keeps us safe

The New York Times posted an interesting article on the development of the typeface used for highway signage. The study shows how typography, clean grids and proper proportions are key in improving legibility and usability. Consider this when you’re tempted to select 5 different fonts and colors for your email signature. See the slideshow or ifRead the Full Post

Stew on Networking Panel at UVM Tonight

March 24 | Stew Jensen Since I like to practice what I preach (more often it is “Do as I say, not as I do”), I am going to take the opportunity  to publish my talking points list for the event tonight. Just in case somebody checks up on me! We are expecting about 200Read the Full Post

Doing More with Less: Part 2 of 3

Feb 10 | Stew Jensen Subtitle : How to squeeze the most from your Website investment, or … How to convince that sniveling myopic CFO tightwad to open the pocket book (I keed, I keed).OK, the beat goes on… I am sure you have all been on the edge of your Aerons waiting for question number dos. Without further adiu…Read the Full Post