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Redesign of Ads in New Facebook News Feed

While most of the hype heard is focused on the news feed itself, the story for brands is really about how this will influence the effectiveness of advertising. After all, there’s a reason Facebook hung a huge 20 foot tall poster with “Fortune Favors the Bold” at their announcement. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, that’sRead the Full Post

Facebook Sweepstakes Promotion Case Study : Bromley

Aerial Adventure Park Sweeptstakes | Summer 2012 Objective Bromley Mountain came to Propeller to both grow their Facebook Likes while getting the word out about their brand new Aerial Adventure Park. We said we could not only do that, but could also help with their data/email marketing efforts as well. Execution In partnership with Hearforward,Read the Full Post

Facebook Enables Post Scheduling & Tiered Admin Access

Facebook made two key updates that Facebook Brand Page managers will really like. Before if you wanted to schedule a post to appear in the future, you needed to use a third party tool such as HootSuite of TweetDeck. Now you can schedule your post in Facebook.   The second feature added allows five tiersRead the Full Post

Facebook Pages Upgrade Review

Facebook announced back in February their plans to roll out an upgrade to brand Pages, and the rollout has begun with all Pages expected to be pushed up March 10. While there are a few interesting points to be aware of, nothing is revolutionary here. Clients and page administrators should primarily be aware that PhotoRead the Full Post

Facebook : Updates and New Features : Good for Advertisers

Apr 28 2010 | Dave Gibson : President | Overhead Facebook has rolled out a number of new features this past week that add value for advertisers. The Info tab for users has been redesigned to focus new attention on member’s Likes and Interests. Related to this is both the new “Like” feature across FacebookRead the Full Post

Foursquare | Marketing Tool for Hotels, Resorts & Spas

Apr 10 2010 | Dave Gibson : President | Overhead Our conservative News Channel 3 here in Burlington, Vermont ran a story on Foursquare recently which caught my eye. A solid indicator that this is reaching critical mass and going mainstream. Why does this matter? Well if you run marketing or own a travel hospitalityRead the Full Post

Examples of Custom Facebook Brand Pages

May 27 | Dave Gibson With the redesign of Facebook’s brand pages back in February, they introduced a number of great tools for companies to welcome visitors through a more branded experience. Using Flash or Facebook’s own markup language, developers like us can create custom entry pages. There are a number of technical and functionalityRead the Full Post

Propeller Announces Social Marketing Jam Series – Feb, Mar, Apr

Web 2.0 social media and social networks have rapidly opened new marketing channels for businesses to connect with customers cost effectively. YouTube, Facebook, blogs and Twitter have evolved into effective tools for savvy marketers, but there is no set formula. Many businesses are using these tools with different goals in mind, and are getting mixedRead the Full Post

Social Marketing Guide: Employees = Army of Micro Marketers

Feb 1 | Dave Gibson Like everyone else, leads have slowed for us too, so marketing is naturally expected to make up for that. Being the one-man marketing team and already tapped, I needed some help. I looked out across the studio and suddenly before my eyes I saw my crew transform from designers, programmers,Read the Full Post