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5 Summer Marketing Tips for Ski Resorts

It can be difficult to maintain marketing momentum through the summer months. All that great winter content and event stories dry up, and only the die-hards are thinking snow. Yet, you have to look for ways to keep that hook set for the next season. Here are five ideas to consider this summer. 1. KeepRead the Full Post

SEO Content Writing Guide

Writing effective copy for both search engines (SEO) and flesh and blood visitors is crucial for overall site performance. Rather than hire a pro, many clients prefer to take the DIY approach. Typically, this is considered to be a cost-saving method, however experience reveals that this path more oftent delays projects and reduces the site’sRead the Full Post

State of Propeller – Hello 2010!

Jan 08 10 | Dave Gibson 2009 was quite the year to remember… no really. As much as there were parts I’d like to forget, I’m proud of what we did accomplish. So here I’ll review things learned from 2009 and share our plan for 2010. Facing what we knew would be a dramatic dropRead the Full Post

Dave presents to Burlington mayor and officials about social web

May 19 | Dave Gibson Thank you to Joe Reinert, Mayor Kiss, department heads and city officials for the opportunity to speak about social media and the complex issues facing municipalities. The group was very well informed and most were already engaged in social web. The conversation touched on audiences, goals and tools. More aboutRead the Full Post

Doing More with Less: Part 1 of 3

Feb 10 | Stew Jensen Subtitle : How to squeeze the most from your Website investment, or … How to convince that sniveling myopic CFO tightwad to open the pocket book (I keed, I keed). At Propeller Media Works, we strive to meet with all our active clients on at the very least an annual basis (or more often,Read the Full Post

Propeller Announces Social Marketing Jam Series – Feb, Mar, Apr

Web 2.0 social media and social networks have rapidly opened new marketing channels for businesses to connect with customers cost effectively. YouTube, Facebook, blogs and Twitter have evolved into effective tools for savvy marketers, but there is no set formula. Many businesses are using these tools with different goals in mind, and are getting mixedRead the Full Post

Social Marketing Guide: Employees = Army of Micro Marketers

Feb 1 | Dave Gibson Like everyone else, leads have slowed for us too, so marketing is naturally expected to make up for that. Being the one-man marketing team and already tapped, I needed some help. I looked out across the studio and suddenly before my eyes I saw my crew transform from designers, programmers,Read the Full Post