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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update…. Mobilegeddon April 21

  … “Yes. We are getting reports in now that #mobilegeddon panic is spreading beyond marketing departments and  reaching senior executive levels!!!”     That’s right folks. All hell is about to break loose on April 21, 2015 when Google will begin rolling out their latest update to their search algorithm that is aimed toRead the Full Post

Paul Frank + Collins Chooses Propeller 

We’re proud to announce that the law firm of Paul Frank + Collins has selected Propeller to design and develop their next website.  PF+C offers a wide range of legal services in ten practice areas to clients in New England and beyond. We’re excited to bring fresh energy and apply our skills as website designersRead the Full Post

propCMS 3.5 Launches

Its pretty rare to hear of a CMS that people actually like to use. We consistently earn praise for the usability and depth of control from our propCMS. Nonetheless, we continue to strive to improve it. With our latest version 3.5, we’ve redesigned the user interface to make it even easier to use – andRead the Full Post

New: Homepage Hero Video Player

Want to grab eyeballs and engage visitors? What better way to show off your brand than with a short video that pops off the screen. For newcomers to the site, a full screen video drops under the navigation to deliver a huge impact experience. The video itself is pulling from YouTube, so YouTube shoulders the hosting burden asRead the Full Post

New Responsive Website for Quadric Software

Quadric Software provides backup and disaster recovery software for web servers. Their target audience is ubber savvy/snarky turbo geeks (and I say all of that with respect and love)… a very critical bunch, so the first step in such a sales process is to project trust and legitimacy to get them in the front door. The offering andRead the Full Post

5 Website Tips for 2015

For many, this is the time of year to begin planning and budgeting for your website and online marketing. So allow me to help you spend that … gee, so funny right? Sorry. Its Halloween. So let me take off my clown mask and provide some top-line ideas that I hope will increase traffic, engagement and ultimatelyRead the Full Post

Fresh Responsive Redesign for Bromley Marks 10 Years of Partnership!

Going into year 10 with Bromley, we’ve rolled out a fresh responsive website that celebrates minimalism and usability. Bromley really wanted to take the battle axe to the site and we did. The site now combines winter plus summer into one site that now serves desktop and mobile visitors. One might think that would force usRead the Full Post

Why Facebook Fake Likes Will Hurt You

If you’re advertising on Facebook to boost Fans/Likes you may be paying for Fans that will actually end up reducing your reach and increasing future costs. The following video (Feb 2014) shows evidence through case studies that reveal why its important to have quality over quantity. As the second part of the video reveals, evenRead the Full Post

I love Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing ads are those ads that follow you around the web after you’ve visited a site running such a program. Creepy? Who cares. In such a distracted world, this is a great method for bringing visitors back to your site and reinforcing your brand message through repetition to a targeted audience.   Quickly, the way it works, isRead the Full Post

Rock of Ages Responsive Parallax Website Launches

For over a century Rock of Ages has been the mark of distinction for granite products found on memorials and structures around the globe. In this project our goal was to deliver a responsive website that would highlight the strength of the brand that are most important to customers. Project features Mobile-friendly responsive web design User friendly information architecture ParallaxRead the Full Post