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Why Facebook Fake Likes Will Hurt You

If you’re advertising on Facebook to boost Fans/Likes you may be paying for Fans that will actually end up reducing your reach and increasing future costs. The following video (Feb 2014) shows evidence through case studies that reveal why its important to have quality over quantity. As the second part of the video reveals, evenRead the Full Post

I love Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing ads are those ads that follow you around the web after you’ve visited a site running such a program. Creepy? Who cares. In such a distracted world, this is a great method for bringing visitors back to your site and reinforcing your brand message through repetition to a targeted audience.   Quickly, the way it works, isRead the Full Post

Rock of Ages Responsive Parallax Website Launches

For over a century Rock of Ages has been the mark of distinction for granite products found on memorials and structures around the globe. In this project our goal was to deliver a responsive website that would highlight the strength of the brand that are most important to customers. Project features Mobile-friendly responsive web design User friendly information architecture ParallaxRead the Full Post

Thinking Below The Fold

It’s guaranteed that in every web design project, the client has and will continue to worry about what lies above versus what lies below this thing called The Fold. One would assume that above the fold is all that matters, however if your goal is to connect with new customers, then you might consider thinking belowRead the Full Post

Hunter Mountain Launches

Hunter Mountain in New York is a classic ski resort. It’s a rugged mountain that also boasts an award winning learning program and extensive beginner terrain. Its earned reputation for its rugged steeps and party scene. This place has character and tradition. We were psyched when they approached us, and through our collaboration we’ve delivered aRead the Full Post

Feature: Geo-Smart Promotions

Many times it takes someone to ask *why* to spur innovation. Asking that question led to an innovation we call Geo-Smart Promotions. Here’s the story… On most websites, there are these huge “hero” images/promotions, followed by smaller, secondary promotions that live on the homepage and usually throughout the website (at least secondary promos do).  AboutRead the Full Post

Launch: Crystal Springs Resort’s Responsive Design Website

Crystal Springs is a massive 4,000 acre resort in New Jersey with 7 golf course, 2 spas, 12 dining venues, 3 hotels, a ski resort, a water park, a mountain bike park, zip lines, and a mountain coaster. That is massive. How do you present all of that through one website? Visually. This stunning siteRead the Full Post

Launch – Splash Lagoon Waterpark

Splash Lagoon in Erie Pennsylvania is one of the top water parks in the country. They’re also in common ownership with Peek’n Peak ski and golf resort which we also recently launched. The two sites work off similar layouts, which provide a common corporate foundation – however the design for each is as unique asRead the Full Post

Hunter Mountain Selects Propeller

We’re proud to add Hunter to our roster of mountain resort partners. Nestled in New York’s Catskill Mountains, the resort is known for its good times, innovation, learning center, and terrain best for both beginners and experts. The project involves a complete clean slate approach to design, information architecture, and functionality. We’ve started by capturingRead the Full Post