We recently launched the MediaFeedDeck for Gunstock Mountain Resort. Formerly named the propGator, the MediaFeedDeck is an application that aggregates media streams from various sources and presents them all on one page of the website. So in addition to content that might come from your own site such as the conditions/trail report, web cams, and news; we also pull media from external services such as weather, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook,or Flikr.

For the skier or rider, the FeedDeck provides a centralized hub to capture the full sense of what is going on at the mountain at the moment. This is ultimately what every customer wants now, but has to bounce between multiple sites to get it… with the risk of being pulled off on a new tangent in the process and loosing you.

For the resort, the FeedDeck provides a valuable service that keeps customers on the site where the conversion happens. As much as we believe in the value of the “engagement conversion”, we don’t want to see “revenue conversions” sacrificed in the process. Where the risk of user-provided content is a concern, we pull only the content that the resort publishes – so we don’t publish Twitter posts from guests, unless you want to.

We expect this will really appeal especially to loyal enthusiasts and will serve as a great way to keep those folks tuned into what is happening on the mountain.

Check it out.