Bromley-Home 600cropped Going into year 10 with Bromley, we've rolled out a fresh responsive website that celebrates minimalism and usability. Bromley really wanted to take the battle axe to the site and we did.

The site now combines winter plus summer into one site that now serves desktop and mobile visitors. One might think that would force us to expand the navigation. Instead we cut it back considerably. Now it is super simple... Plan | Winter | Summer | Galleries. Moving Galleries to top level reflects the team's belief that "seeing is believing", and with our Instagram Gallery nothing says it better than customers.


The Seeing is Believing mantra is also reflected in the scale of photography and large visual homepage panels. The experience at the resort is so large and we needed to really focus on telling that story visually with photography.

So more white space, larger images, and less text.

Check it out >