While most of the hype heard is focused on the news feed itself, the story for brands is really about how this will influence the effectiveness of advertising. After all, source: InsideFacebook there's a reason Facebook hung a huge 20 foot tall poster with "Fortune Favors the Bold" at their announcement. Love 'em or hate 'em, that's what Facebook is all about - making fortunes - and not just for themselves. For brands and agencies, these ad types are becoming more and more valuable at each evolutionary step. [ Note, my account has yet to be upgraded, so I'm referencing images from this post on InsideFacebook by Brittany Darwell. Its a good read, and I recommend you check this article as well ]

Facebook's Newsfeed is arguably the most valuable advertising property out there, so you'll quickly recognize improved ad disaplay marketers. A key change in the layout is a wider area for the posts themselves and their photography. G+ has earned accolades from photo lovers and Facebook has been wise to borrow there. This translates to larger images for Page Post Ads with images as you can see here below.

Source: InsideFacebook

Another very influential ad type is the Page Like Ad. This simply unit is a money maker and now gets an extra boost pulling the source's horizontal cover photo.

Source: InsideFacebook.com

The crux is that Facebook continues to be an advertiser's very good friend.

Image sources : Inside Facebook : How ads look in the new News Feed layout

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