Its pretty rare to hear of a CMS that people actually like to use. We consistently earn praise for the usability and depth of control from our propCMS. Nonetheless, we continue to strive to improve it. With our latest version 3.5, we’ve redesigned the user interface to make it even easier to use - and in that process we added a few new features, which extend the power and depth of our CMS!

New features include

  • Mobile friendly (responsive design)
  • Multilingual
  • Multi site (run multiple sites and allow them to share common content)
  • Drag & drop sort ordering
  • Drag & drop site structure
  • Content Search (help you to find the content you need to edit)
  • Updated browser compatibility: all modern browsers

Existing features put total control of virtually every content type into the hands of the administrators. The CMS is infinitely customizable, which is why we continue to rely on this platform for complex custom web development. Not only can we customize the frontend user experience, but we can also customize the backend administrative experience, and this is important as many clients need the website to align with their work flow or to integrate with their systems.

The CMS continues to come with a very flexible license that comes at no cost and essentially no usage restrictions. Its basically a hybrid of open and closed systems so that our clients get the security and customization options of a closed system, without the cost or the vendor lock that many commercial or closed source solutions typically have.

The system is based on over a decade of development and continues to serve our clients reliably.