Gunstock Home Vid 600 Want to grab eyeballs and engage visitors? What better way to show off your brand than with a short video that pops off the screen.

For newcomers to the site, a full screen video drops under the navigation to deliver a huge impact experience. The video itself is pulling from YouTube, so YouTube shoulders the hosting burden as well as the technology to manage stream quality.

Once its over, the video rolls back up to reveal the homepage again. We also cookie that user to avoid burdening repeat visitors with a video they’ve already seen.

Site administrators will love how easy this is to manage. On the backend, we’re tapping the YouTube’s API and pulling in video’s from the client’s account. So all the administrator needs to do is go into the CMS and select

We have full control of the interface of the window and can customize how the window opens, closes, and is framed.  As with everything we do, we can customize it however we like.

Check out the demo