Having a mobile site that specifically targets the mobile audience - in design, function and content, is key for most businesses today and is essential for a four season resort like Mountain Creek. Mountain Creek is a four season adventure resort located 50 miles from Manhattan in Vernon, NJ. They offer skiing & riding, water park, mountain coaster, ziplines, mountain biking, adventure park, golf, loding, dining, spa, and more. Its huge.  Their audience trends to the younger side. They are deeply digital, social, and live on their cell phones.

We reach them best by providing the information they need - sifted and prioritized for just this audience. We then package that content with an engaging visual experience that's designed to work across the spectrum of today's mobile devices.

While the debate whether to have a single responsive website versus a mobile specific website continues, we found again that the needs of the mobile audience were best served by a mobile website. A bonus is that our Content Management System is designed to accomodate multiple websites - mobile or micro sites - that can pull from a single CMS. Therefore, much of the mobile site's content already exists and doesn't require additional updating - saving time and hassle.

Final bonus  -> On time. On budget.

Check out Mountain Creek's Mobile Website

Also see our Desktop Site for the resort.