mobile website homepageWith mobile adoption growing like nothing else, brands are quickly moving to develop mobile-specific websites that cater to both the device and the unique needs of the mobile user. Schweitzer Mountain is a resort in Idaho for whom we recently launched a "mobi" site and demonstrates where second generation mobi sites are currently and what's around the corner. While your website likely has everything plus the kitchen sink, mobile forces you to prioritize and carefully choose what you're going to serve and how. With ski resorts, this exercise is pretty simple. Users want conditions info - and they literally want to see it (web cam). They want to know what's going on (events, social). They want to check out videos to get a broader sense of the scene. And they want to be able to book right then and there - and its there that the goals of the visitor and the resort converge. So, these are the core elements of Schweitzer's mobile site, to which we also added a few must-have's for the mobile user.

To ease website administration, wherever possible we pull content/data from the main website CMS and re-purpose it for the mobile site. In Schweitzer's case, all data is automatically pulled from the primary site - thus requiring no additional effort to publish content to the mobi site.

mobile website homepage

Snow Report Page


Lodging Reservations

The mobile site is quickly becoming the first brand touch-point for new customers, so its increasingly important to make a strong mobile impression. Mobile also provides great customer retention value in providing key information to customer's mobile fingertips.

Around the corner for us is more integration with social feeds as well as geo-location oriented content that will serve up unique content based on *where* the visitor is. The on-site and off-site visitor have very different needs, and we think there is great opportunity there.

Much more mobile web to come.