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Crystal Springs is a massive 4,000 acre resort in New Jersey with 7 golf course, 2 spas, 12 dining venues, 3 hotels, a ski resort, a water park, a mountain bike park, zip lines, and a mountain coaster. That is massive.

How do you present all of that through one website?


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.35.05 AMThis stunning site captures the brand through elegant design that frames gorgeous photography. Using responsive web design techniques, and some special parallax scrolling effects on the homepage, we appeal to users on all devices to deliver a visual experience that "sets the hook".

Setting the hook naturally starts on the homepage, which is minimal, clean and puts images before words. After a set of hero images, and visitors are introduced to the resort step by step as one scrolls down. Key points and an intro video start visitors off. A map provides orientation. Horizontal scroll panels then introduce each unique amenity visually and with minimal copy. A final Instagram gallery provides a final visual tour.

Pervasive "conversion points" at the top of every page enable the resort to establish a connection either directly or through social media. More importantly, its also here that customers can their vacation.

The site is built on our propCMS content management system. This system is specially designed to enable custom web design, custom web application development, and third party integration to deliver a truly custom experience.

A summary of features include:

  • Mobile friendly responsive design for all devices.
  • Parallax scrolling effects (homepage).
  • Geo-Smart promotions - feed relevant promotions based on where the visitor is physically located.
  • Social Feed Deck - which pulls in feeds from all social media into one dashboard.
  • Image Gallery - this module enables them to create and place these modern style image galleries on any content page.
  • #Instagram Gallery - this pulls Instagram content with a specific #hashtag into the CMS for curation before publication.
  • Events Calendar - provides multiple categories and displays via calendar or list views.
  • Third party integrations with Ryan Solutions/Blue Hornet, iHotelier, Active Networks Golf Reservations, weather channel, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Search, Open Table, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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