June 26 | Dave Gibson Posted last week @propdave.com - I talk about fishing for those "influencers". To extend that conversation, in a presentation given last night to the South End Arts & Business Association (SEABA), I emphasized Twitter's current audience as filled with those influencers we want to reach... like shooting fish in a barrel. Of course it isn't that simple though, as people on Twitter are very savvy and sensitive to marketing/spam. So how should one approach this audience?

In considering the voice and approach, I suggest first understanding that Twitter (and social in general) rewards those that are generous with useful and timely information. People that horde knowledge and therefore share little that is useful become "unfollowed". So returning to the guidance on voice and approach, put yourself in the role of the helpful peer and fellow learner who is eager to share discoveries with others.

Take for example Nichole Ravlin from PMG's approach to promoting her client Boloco - a burrito chain extending from Boston to VT. She won't post "Go try the xyz burrito @boloco today". Instead she'll share that "Just tried the xyz burrito @boloco today - it was excellent". I'm sure with the guidance of Nicole, they've also begun publishing their coupons on Twitter also, and earned themselves an article in Inc about the success this has brought their restaurants.

The soft or suggestive marketing approach that is horizontal is the approach I'd suggest. Be friendly and make sure to make sure each 140 character statement will be valuable and of genuine interest to the audience you want to attract - so that means not sharing what you had for lunch... unless you're promoting Boloco!