Hootsuite is my preferred tool for publishing/aggregating to/from my social media channels, but up until now only enterprise level customers have been able to connect to Google+ Pages. I assume the enterprise customer group is smaller and provided them with a beta group that would be more manageable.

They've responded to their number one feature request and opened up the doors to the rest of us marketing minions, so we can now share all the love with our G+ community easier now. The service does also enable groups to collaborate in publishing content through the channel and to schedule posts ahead of time, which is one of the nicest features of Hootsuite.

That audience may still be small as compared to Facebook, but the numbers continue to grow. As Hootsuite points out in their blog post announcing the inclusion of G+:

According to Compete.com, Google+ grew 43% in June, reaching 31.9m unique visitors in the US. This Google+ post states that:

“Since the year started, Google+ has gained 14.2 million visitors, from 17.6 million visitors in December to 31.9 million visitors in June. For the first time, according to Compete statistics, Google+ is now larger than Linkedin, who had 24.6 million visitors in June.”


HOWEVER, this only enables publishing to PAGES... not to personal profiles. This will frustrate many who's personal profiles serve as key elements to their marketing themselves on a more individualized vs enterprise basis. That will surely come though.