Google Mobilegeddon Mobile Update
Google Mobilegeddon Mobile Update

... "Yes. We are getting reports in now that #mobilegeddon panic is spreading beyond marketing departments and  reaching senior executive levels!!!"

That’s right folks. All hell is about to break loose on April 21, 2015 when Google will begin rolling out their latest update to their search algorithm that is aimed to punish websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Here's Google's Feb 26 statement.  Its widely reported that the impact will be significantly larger than Panda and Penguin updates, which were two of the most impactful updates yet.

Its believed that around 50% of searches on Google are made using a mobile device. Therefore Google recognizes the importance to lead those users to websites that perform on those devices.

So.  Is your website mobile friendly?

Try Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool here.

If you passed, then you may return to surfing images of cute cats.

If you failed and you value organic search traffic from Google, then its time to round up some responsive website designers and get moving asap. Note that based on supply and demand, you should now expect to wait longer and pay more.... so not to stoke the fire... but...

Look toward Server Side Responsive Design

Google and most SEO and web design experts agree that the best path to take is "Responsive Design" (vs a separate mobile site or adaptive web design). A basic responsive website will allow you to pass over the threshold of mobile-friendliness, but an important thing to consider will be the performance of the site. Google has clearly signaled that speed is increasingly important for mobile users with less bandwidth, and this can be a problem for responsive website designers who don't also use server-side methods to avoid jamming the same huge hero images designed for desktop down into that tiny mobile screen (that's what basic responsive does).

So make sure to push your developers to use Responsive + Server-Side (RESS) technologies. For more on this, I wrote a comparative of Responsive vs Adaptive vs RESS options back in Nov 2013 and its all still current.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Design Resources