Hot on the heals of January's introduction of Social Search, Google now adds intelligence to search results. Essentially Google is now differentiating between "keywords" and Persons, Places or Things. For terms that Google has intelligence, an area to the right of the organic listings provides summary information and related links.

Here I entered SEO rockstar, Danny Sullivan. Not only does the listing provide helpful summary information about this person, but also provides other people who are similar (ie tied to the same topic of SEO). Of course there is more than one Danny Sullivan. There is also the famous race car driver, and he is included secondarily. Why did Google choose to put the SEO expert up over the race car driver? I mean, sure geeks are cool these days but he drove race cars!!!  Google knows that Dave Gibson is more interested in SEO than race cars. Intelligent.



The question that I'm actually unsure about is whether or not these results displace what was previously real estate for paid listings. I'd be curious if anyone thinks so.

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