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Many times it takes someone to ask *why* to spur innovation. Asking that question led to an innovation we call Geo-Smart Promotions. Here's the story...

On most websites, there are these huge "hero" images/promotions, followed by smaller, secondary promotions that live on the homepage and usually throughout the website (at least secondary promos do).  About a year ago, we were discussing how mobile is effecting ski resort marketing and we asked why are we wasting valuable homepage real estate with offers to Ski and Stay for visitors already at the resort?

That question led to a new feature we added this past year called Geo-Smart Promotions. At first, we just wanted detect the visitor's location and segment visitors on-site, from those off-site. If the visitor was on-site, serve up-sell promotions such as dining, spa, lessons. That made sense.

But, if we could do that, then why not present targeted promotions to different regions or cities? Yes. Done. Now we can.

The system can either use the user's location pulled from the user's browser, or it can use IP address. Now, depending on where you're standing, you will get a more appropriate promotion.

This is super easy for site administrators too. First he/she needs to create a region and then apply that region to any hero or secondary promotion. Creating a region is ubber easy.  The site admin just needs to go into the CMS module, input a region name, drag the red dot to a point on the map, resize the circle to cover the desired area with a mouse, and hit save. Done. Then that region appears in the Promotions Module drop down list

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I have to hand it to my team. This is sweet. Clients love it.

Another reminder to ask *why* more often.