Apr 28 2010 | Dave Gibson : President | Overhead Facebook has rolled out a number of new features this past week that add value for advertisers. The Info tab for users has been redesigned to focus new attention on member's Likes and Interests. Related to this is both the new "Like" feature across Facebook pages and beyond into other websites, as well as a new type of Page called Community Pages.

Remember when you created your Facebook account... years ago? Part of the fun was to post your favorite books, movies, bands, interests and activities. Well, how many of us have really spent any time updating that since? Well Facebook (and we marketers) want members to keep this updated.

What makes Facebook awesome for marketers is the sniper level targeting they provide based on these listed interests and other information each member graciously submits. However, over time, this info has become stale and advertisers want to know what movies you like this year... not in 2007. So to add value for advertisers (wait for increased cost per click now), Facebook has done two things. They've added Liking to external websites, and they've added Community Pages and rejigged the the Info page so that all of your interests become connected to these new Community Pages.

I know its confusing. Stay with me.

Before, each individual item in your list of interests linked to a search page for that term. Now they automatically link to these new Community Pages. Community Pages are a type of "Page" which Facebook claims will be “the best collection of shared knowledge on a topic”... wikifacebookpedia? In any case, these pages are so far not administered by anyone and pull info from Wikipedia. [TechCrunch article on this] There is no wall and so far you can only recommend content. Propeller's Facebook "Community Page"

They also created Community Pages for member's "employer" as listed. Here is Propeller Media Works and I'm not at all happy that I can't direct this to our Fan. Expect this to ruffle many a corporate feather.

OK. Moving right along.. "Like" has replaced "Become a Fan" and is now extending off onto other websites. "Liking" on specific partner websites such as NYTimes.com, IMDb, CNN.com, TIME.com, LIFE.com, Fandango, NHL.com, USA Networks, Levis.com, Univision and ABC.com. In some cases, these sites relate to profile interests. Go to the movie info site imdb.com and select your favorite movie. All of your "Likes" are now consolidated and segmented on the Info page. Selecting the "Like" button there will add the movie to your Likes and Interests movie list. Updates to pages you "Like" will pull into user's News Feeds.

What is my point? My point is that these functions will both connect the brands associated with these interests with consumers and provide advertisers with fresher "likes and interests" to target ads to segment their audiences with and provide ever more relevant advertising.

Sounds good. Now, what will it cost? Something tells me, Facebook as been doling out cheap smack all this time and will start jacking up the price on all of us marketing junkies soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the smack!