Aerial Adventure Park Sweeptstakes | Summer 2012 Objective Bromley Mountain came to Propeller to both grow their Facebook Likes while getting the word out about their brand new Aerial Adventure Park. We said we could not only do that, but could also help with their data/email marketing efforts as well.

Execution In partnership with Hearforward, we designed a 6 week sweepstakes promotion with ongoing giveaways combined with a complimentary Facebook advertising program. The single strongest motivator for people to click on ads and visit Brand Pages is to win free items. This fact made for strong performing ads, which Facebook rewarded with lower costs.

Results Over 1,200 unique fans participated Over 1,300 email opt-ins Over 1,600 new Likes

Highlights Facebook “reach” hit a height of 238,000 per day thanks to Facebook Advertising Facebook “talking about this” rose into the 600 per day range

Conclusions Considering Bromley’s existing fans are largely winter ski customers, Bromley was very impressed with the growth and engagement they received through the period. They found that Fans were engaging and spreading the word on their own. More exciting was the new found ability to get deep actionable data from Facebook fans, which they can use to segment and remarket to using other channels such as email and direct mail.

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