Facebook announced back in February their plans to roll out an upgrade to brand Pages, and the rollout has begun with all Pages expected to be pushed up March 10. While there are a few interesting points to be aware of, nothing is revolutionary here. Clients and page administrators should primarily be aware that

  • Photo strip added to header
  • Tabs have moved to side nav (no longer "tabs")
  • FBML is being abandoned and shifting toward Apps and iFrame content (tabs)
  • Profile graphic size shrinking from 200x600 to 180x540
  • Admins can interact as the Page's identity

New Upgrade Layout for Facebook Pages

Layout Updates Overall, the layout update isn't radical. As has been the pattern, Page layout is following the lead of individual Profiles. I like the photo strip at the top. It provides space for stimulating visuals right away, and establishes the value that good photography will have. Horizontal tabs are gone and navigation has shifted to the left side below the profile graphic, which has shrunk a bit.

Functionality Updates One of the biggies here is the ability for the administrator to switch their identity to represent the brand Page. Before you could not go to another brand Page and post something on behalf of your own brand Page - it would show your identity as yourself. Now you can switch to "Use Facebook as [Your Brand]". So now I can go to another brand Page, and post something under the identity of Propeller. This will allow brands to publicly interact with each other... this could be interesting.

One unpopular change is that wall posts are no longer always chronological. Facebook has applied an algorithm that attempts to identify "popular" content and prioritize it by sort order. I'll be surprised if this lasts. People want control of this and they are very loud about it right now.

If you already have custom tab pages/apps - no worries. They will be grandfathered in. FBML is headed for the grave though. New custom content tabs will need to utilize either App functions or pull remotely via the iFrame functionality - but that's for us to worry about. Not you.

Reference Facebook Pages Manual (PDF) Facebook Announcement