24ee17c02e82336b1d8c2b337097d13bBig welcome to both Peekn' Peak Resort in southwestern New York and their cousin Splash Lagoon  in nearby Erie Pennsylvania - both part of the Scott Enterprises family of businesses. These custom responsive web design projects will leverage our propCMS platform, with its many features specifically built for resorts and destinations. While the two projects will share economies of scale to reduce costs, each will follow our custom web design process to guarantee a a unique look and feel that will express each brand in its best light and connect with its distinct and different audiences. Both sites will use responsive web design functions to deliver a great experience for both desktop and mobile users to drive higher levels of engagement and online sales.

splash-lagoon-in-erie copy

Peak'n Peak was recently purchased by Scott Enterprises in 2011 and received significant investment. One of its most needed upgrades went toward room renovations of its eclectic Inn at the Peak Hotel, which leverage the resort's unique English Tudor style in a way that combines this charm with modern convenience. As a result of this and other investments, the resort has a new story to tell, and we're eager to tell it.

Splash Lagoon serves a different audience demographically as well as geographically. It has a very different brand story to tell, and we're eager to deliver a custom website design that their visitors will love.

Common to each will be a drive toward revenue. Pushing ever harder to deliver more early-purchase online sales!