Ok. So I need to vent. 

So put yourselves into the shoes of someone checking out your resort to gauge whether your terrain, proximity of amenities, or the hotel to the slopes. Or you're on the lift in need of a trail map... so where does one go? Right. The website.

And what does one find when one goes there? I can say with authority, that in the case of 90% of the time, you're going to get majorly broken useless suckage.


"The level of trail map suckage is staggering in our industry"


Even though a resort's trail map is a top ten page, I am blown away with how many resorts have the crappiest resort maps on their websites. Even the big boys are failing.

Take a look at Vail's : a beastly 2MB PDF (though I converted it here to .jpg to save both of us the bandwidth)

Are you f*@!ing kidding me?

Who actually posted this and thought this could somehow be useful?  It is absolutely useless on desktop even. Forget about mobile... #NotSoEpic

Vail and all their siblings are far from being alone. 

  • Aspen: Its tiny and uses Flash, so it won't work on any mobile device.
  • Snowbird: I tried to find one, but that's site is impossible to navigate. Lord.
  • Killington: Hey its html5 but starts with an instruction manual. Hummm. Bad sign.
  • The list could be endless, so let me close with the worst offender I've found (Quigley, I'm letting you pass on this).


 Copper Mountain

I mean... that's just horrific!!!!

Who deserves punishment like that?

Waterboard me now!

Common folks. I mean, I know its only recently that html5 interactive trail map are emerging to replace Flash maps, but even so....  couldn't you at least take your printed trail map and rework it for web. Even if its static?

OK. My rant is nearly done. I leave with a final plea. 

If you're a resort marketer, please. DEAR GOD please, do your customers a favor and offer them an interactive map they can actually use.

Oh hey look...  I just happen to have one right here :)