If there is one thing we've learned through this recent period, its the importance of good customer support. One of our challenges however, has been keeping support requests from knocking established projects off the tracks. Support requests tend to be "hot" and are unforeseeable, and clients generally assume that because they're not huge, that we can easily wedge them in. We never have idle hands though and we're generally at maximum capacity. This was especially true in 2009 when smaller support tasks overwhelmed our reduced staff. It was then that we recognized this need to setup separate tracks, and with the hiring of our new Support Manager, Gabe Koss, we're now doing it. Our fabulous project manager, Rebecca Welch, has done an excellent job of organizing both projects and on-going support tasks. Her diligence has earned us praise from clients, but again, support requests constantly distracted her from projects that required concentrated blocks of time to properly manage. As business continues to rebound, it became time to make the move and hire someone to just focus on support.

Enter Gabe Koss. Gabe has the perfect blend of customer service, design, technology, online marketing and analytics to serve as a valuable asset to all our client partners. Gabe's role is to respond (immediately) to incoming requests and clarify issues, translate them into "geek speak", assign tasks to developers, monitor tasks in process, test the solutions, and keep the client informed throughout. Gabe will be monitoring Open projects in Basecamp for any issues, as well as email and phone.