Nothing catches the attention of visitors like video. We've created a special feature that takes over the homepage for first-time visitors and auto-plays a short video that tells the story quickly and effectively. Its also super easy for admins to update themselves. 

As you can see, the visitor can't turn away.  And once the guest views it, a cookie is set so that it isn't shown again.

On the backend, we connect to the client's Youtube channel and pull in specific playlists into the backend of our propCMS. So all the site administrator needs to do, is upload the video to Youtube and then assign it to the hero video player from the backend of the CMS. It barely takes minutes.

The key is to keep the video short. Less than 20 seconds is what we recommend. We also recommend using short 3-4 second clips that actively tell the brand's story as broadly as possible.

See it now on Camelbeach, or Lutsen, or Holiday Valley.