We naturally have multiple tools in the tool chest and match them according to the mission. For projects that do not require a custom feature development, we'll look to Wordpress or Squarespace. For ecommerce, we bring in Shopify. However, most of our projects do require custom features or customization of the administrative backend to align with the client's workflow. In these cases we wheel out our propCMS. 

propCMS - now in its 5th release, is built upon what's known as a LAMP stack (Linux, Apached, MySQL, PHP). At each major release point over its 15 years of evolution, we've reassessed competing platforms. Our criteria includes scalability, portability, flexibility, and performance. Ultimately we want to use a system that doesn't hold us back, and each time we decide to continue making this great system even better.

In version 5 we gave it a complete design overhaul. Many clients need to update their site on the go, so we took a mobile-first approach and designed the site for ease of use on all devices. We also addressed speed, and added Responsive Server Side (RESS) to serve up the appropriate sized image for the user's device. This saves between 50%-91% on bandwidth for the visitor. We also added a nifty module library for the page editor that enables the admin to add and place any available module, such as an Instagram gallery or a calendar into any standard page.

We offer a unique "hybrid" license that combines the best of open source and proprietary schemes by combining the security of a closed proprietary system with a flexible license that enables the client to continue using the system if they choose to work with a new team. The only vendor lock we want is that you just love us too much to let go.

Ultimately, this system provides the flexibility we need to build whatever we imagine.

If you'd like a full tour of propCMS, please contact us.