We combined our Interactive Trail Map and our Snow Conditions Report into one convenient mobile friendly solution.

It only seemed logical that these two features get combined into one. Now we provide a one-stop-shop for guests to explore your resort and see current snow conditions.


Just like our standard propMAPS and propSNOW products, we pull real-time trail and lift status as well as current snow conditions in from either our mobile friendly control panel, or through integration with your own. We then publish everything within a very simple and elegant mobile friendly interface.

We've been building interactive maps for over a dozen years, and this map leap frogs others to provide the best possible experience for guests on any device. Our maps use scalable vector graphics that look great at any size.

Not only is it easy for visitors, the process is easy for you too. You just provide us with your map artwork and any content for each trail, lift or map point. We build the map, enter all the content and then give you back an embed code that you simply cut and paste into any page you want to display it. You can even give it out to local partners to display on their websites as well. 

We are all about service, so anytime you need an update to your map, you just call. The annual service fee covers hosting and unlimited support. 

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